When seamless collaboration between your online recruitment tooling is essential, working simply with a single system is the answer. This is where IGB tooling comes in. Our software connects seamlessly with CRM and recruitment systems. IGB is the link between the system and the applicant, so we know the channels in which your labour market target group is active, and how this group can be reached.

Work using your own system

Convenient and time-saving. Working using a single system is both easy and time-saving. For example, it’s not necessary to re-enter vacancies, as they reach us automatically via the link. In many cases, applications can be entered directly in your system, which means candidates are immediately registered where you need them.

If you’d like to find out if we can integrate with your system, click here for an overview of the CRM and recruitment systems we have already worked with. This list of collaborations is also growing steadily.

Job boards

The number of job boards and social media channels has increased significantly in recent years. IGB is integrated with all the relevant channels, and we’re constantly adding new channels so we remain relevant to our customers. In the unlikely event that we are not yet integrated with a desired channel or job board, we will of course look into the possibility of doing so.

Other integrations

If you use a WordPress site, the vacancy plugin from our supplier, Tussendoor, is essential. Tussendoor offers a plug-in for the temporary employment industry, which allows you to synchronise all your vacancies in real time. This makes you easily findable for your labour market target group and maximises your attractiveness, without you having to do anything else.

Working together to get the best results

Integration is crucial for IGB to successfully reach the labour market target group. But IGB is also a valuable partner for systems, job boards and social media. This is how we work together to ensure customers get the best assistance possible, and that barriers between candidates and vacancies are removed. If you’re interested in working with IGB, please contact us.