(Online) Marketing

We see an ongoing shift from recruitment to marketing. While publishing a vacancy ad, the recruiter obviously has the main goal to have the right person fill the vacancy as quickly as possible. But it’s also important to make sure potential candidates visit your web site. In other words: you need to generate traffic. We help our clients achieve this. IGB is the perfect tool in this field.


Insight into the performance of your vacancy ads ensures efficient use of your budget. Our reporting module allows you to efficiently analyse your vacancies’ performance. Data concerning previous vacancy publications through IGB are stored so you can create a historic overview of the performance of vacancies that you published. Elements like click counts and application counts give a good understanding of how well your vacancy ads and the different job boards that you published them on are performing for you. Based on this information, you can ensure that future ads perform even better.

Vacancy plugin

IGB and Tussendoor have joined forces to create a solid WordPress integration for temp agencies. This WordPress plugin allows our clients to synchronise their entire vacancy database with their WordPress site in real time.

Optimise your appearance and your web search visibility without any extra work. A must-have for any agency in the employment field with a WordPress site!