With IGB, you can easily publish your vacancies on over 500 job boards, social media and search engines. Publish your vacancies with optimal ease of use and with as few clicks as possible to save as much time as possible.

And all this at a very reasonable fee. IGB is flexible. The application can import vacancies directly from a CRM or ATS system. But you can also manage vacancies in the application, and even publish them to your own web site.


Easyposting is the ultimate way to simplify publishing vacancies, without making any concessions to quality. With Easyposting, IGB will suggest mappings (configurations) based on word patterns in the vacancy text and earlier configurations of similar vacancies, which saves you a lot of time without causing quality loss.

When using Easyposting, we will use your advert text to automatically fill in the required fields for the multiposting process. We do this with Textkernel’s vacancy parsing technology that extracts data from your advert text and maps it to the correct categories. This process is also known as enriching.


Autoposting allows our clients to publish their vacancies to the job boards or media of their choice without requiring any manual actions. Autoposting is a combination of settings and modules that ensure that vacancies are published responsibly and without any human intervention.

Ultimate time gain, without compromising quality!



Save time

Quickly post vacancies on multiple job boards. Import vacancies from your ATS or CRM system. Quick and easy.


Quality is one of our core values. This distinguishes us from other providers.

(Online) Marketing

Recruitment is gradually shifting to Marketing. We help our customers make that transition.

Ease of use

As few clicks as possible to publish your vacancies: optimal user experience.


Transparent and no extra fees.

Service oriented

Our Service & Support department is always ready to help you. Every customer is welcome.